DIY Cupcake Wrapper Bunting

 photo DIY-cupcake-wrapper-bunting_zpse245607e.jpg

I'm not one for craft projects that take forever to complete, but I am partial to a little bunting. This garland is so simple and easy to make, all you need is the cupcake wrappers, string, glue and a pair of scissors.

1. Flatten out the Cupcake wrapper.
2. Put some glue on one half of the wrapper
3. Place the string in the centre of the wrapper
4. Fold the wrapper in half & make sure it sticks together. Add more glue if it doesn't.
5. When you've added enough wrappers, cut your string and tie them up.

 photo cupcake-wrapper-bunting_zps59ed996c.jpg

And there you have it, the easiest bunting ever!