Happy Weekend

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We're still a little shell shocked after the events of the past month and a half. It feels like time is missing from our lives. Things we've wanted to get done with the house have taken a backseat, everything's taken a backseat. Our garden was well taken care off while we were away but we've hardly had any time to put into it since we've been back. I have managed to make a few batches of Christmas cookies and wrap a few presents - priorities, right?

My lovely parents came up for a week to look after Luella while I went back to work but I tell you what, I had the hardest time concentrating at work. I needed the normality of going back to work but once I was there all I could think about was organising follow-ups for Lulu. Then I cam down with a sinus infection which saw me in bed most of the weekend. Thank goodness Mum & Dad were here to play with Lulu & allow me (and Nick!) that much needed rest!

This weekend we've headed off to Adelaide again for Mum's 60th birthday party. It'll just be a quick visit & back on Monday for Christmas. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend x

Things I've been loving on the inter webs this week:
Charlie's Birth Story over on Emily Henderson's blog - I love her writing, when you read her words you just feel like you're best friends.
As we start looking back on the year that was, Brendan McLean in his article New Years: Because You're Worthless muses that you shouldn't judge yourself too harshly. We made it through & that is enough.
During the past week our Peppa was attacked by a right-wing collumninst as being a feminist commie. This is one awesome response to the attack.

Second workout for December on Friday. Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Week 1, plus 3 sets of 3 sprints  to the back fence and back = .5kms! 268 calorie burn. Feeling great.