Sunshine, fresh air & good food

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As predicted, we had a really quiet weekend, but what wasn't predicted was that Nick was sick too. What do they say, bad things come in threes? Well, I have a busy week ahead so I've stocked up on vitamins to ward off any hint of sickness. Not taking any chances. We stayed in Friday night & all day Saturday.

Lulu's second molar came through Friday night. She's still more tired and cranky than usual but by Sunday afternoon she was ready to get out of the house, in fact she escaped out the front door & stood by the car pointing to it. When asked if she wanted to go for a drive she said yes. So we all went for a trip into town to buy some food for a picnic. Then we took the picnic to the last Alice Springs Courtyard Session for the year. This one featured the beautiful folk tunes of Sally Balfour. Sunshine, fresh air & good food - a great way to end the weekend.

We caught the first Courtyard Session back in March - you can read about our adventure here.