Just a Minute in... November

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Taken at work last week
Reading What I didn't Expect When I was Expecting, a funny memoir from Monica Dux. Thank goodness for the iPad, so easy to rest on a knee while holding a sleeping Lulu.

Watching lots of Peppa Pig and Doc McStuffins - Lulu's favourite shows. A sick toddler is not up to much else. She does seem to be on the mend though, so finger crossed!

Making easy meals, like crumbed fish from the packed served with rocket & a vinegar dressing for dinner. My need to make fancy food is pretty much non existent this week.

Waiting for these two cold sores to go away. This is the second time this year I've had a outbreak, after not having them for years so this time I've bought the Lysine tablets and well as zovirax.

Packing for my weekend away in Sydney. I'm heading there for a getaway with a friend. No babies, no boys, just fun girl time. We've booked a package at Spa Q for Friday afternoon. I cannot express how much I am looking forward to this trip.

Starting my first day on the Public Art Advisory Committee tomorrow. Should be interesting, so many big personalities in small towns. Wish me luck.

And for those wondering how my exercise stats are going? I made it to Cross Fit this week, but that is all.

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