Sesame Street Spoofs

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Lulu wasn't feeling well on Monday so when she woke from her nap we settled in to watch a few Sesame Street songs on the internet. My goodness she loves the songs, dancing around on my lap (still too sleepy to get up and dance!). I happened to notice that at the bottom of the page was a link to 'Parodies and Spoofs', so after a few more songs we switched to the spoofs. They take off many of the top tv shows with shows such as 'A's Anatomy', 'Upside Downton Abby' and 'True Mud'. 'G' a spoof of Glee and 30 Rocks were my favourites.

Have you seen them, do you have a favourite? I have to say that I liked these way more than Lulu did. After watching a few I said we'd watch one more & then put Doc McStuffins on, at which Lulu gave me a huge smile, jumped off the couch and ran to the tv room. Guess spoofs are a little lost on the young...