On accomplishing what you never expected

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Do you ever go into the weekend with a plan of the things you are going to accomplish? This weekend I decided to focus on just two things, changing the sheets and tidying up my desk. As I write this on Monday evening, neither of these things have been accomplished. But I did achieve other great things over the weekend.

We finally bought bedside tables! This necessitated a huge clean up/through out of heaps of stuff that has built up next to our bed and it had a flow on effect. Below is a photo of our make-shift shelving that faces our bed and prior the to clean-up, the shoe storage was filled to the top, as was the handbag storage. Granted, nothing was thrown out from here, rather placed back in the wardrobe but it is still cause for celebration. I also tidied up my wardrobe and took a bag of things to the Salvation Army (charity shop). I am itching to paint over the orange wall, but as part of that wall will be removed in the renovations, it really isn't something to do right now.

Sunday Lulu & I put a lot of effort into the front garden, while Nick went for a 40km(!) bike ride. I'll share our garden efforts later in the week. Hope you achieved what you set out to do this weekend. Now to get stuck into changing the sheets!
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