Links for your Saturday

 photo coffee-table_zps52b711c6.jpg
This photo is from a little while ago but when ever I see it I always smile. It makes me feel at home, probably because it is our home. There's something that belongs to each of us on the table. After our long weekend away I'm looking forward to spending a bit of time at home & maybe doing a little gardening. How about you?

Catching my eye on the web this week:
Summer stripes on Rue Daily - Not only do I love the stripy shirt in the collection, but I also love the sandals. Summer is upon us my friends.

Danielle's list of things she doesn't like that others do, over on Sometimes Sweet. I have to agree with melons & Pumpkin flavoured things.

Surely kids can listen to descent music - an article by Dave O'Neil discussing whether or not kids can just listen to our music instead of things like Hi5, the Wiggles & the Play School CDs. I think kids need a bit of a rhythm & something they can sing along to, but it doesn't have to be kids music. I have to admit I do have a Sesame Street album on my iPod but my playlist called 'Lulu Tunes' which has the likes of MIA, Katy Perry, Fyfe Dangerfield, Frank Turner, gets Lulu rockin' in the back seat of the car just as well.