Flights, roses and water

 photo airport_zps8d8964e7.jpg photo dogs_zps1c38e2da.jpg photo lounge_zps8cc96aa2.jpg photo teddy_zpsf6b24234.jpg photo blue_zps9ba3e73e.jpg photo lunch_zps64f50bfe.jpg photo nanna-lulu_zps1786ac42.jpg photo water_zps3a24f97f.jpg photo roses_zps4ea720bd.jpg
Last weekend Lulu & I headed to Adelaide to spend some time with my parents. Lulu's friend was on our flight & they had a great time running around the airport before we got on the plane. Lulu kept wanting to find her friend on the plane too, but the friend had fallen asleep, so they couldn't play. The flight was packed & it sure is hard sharing a seat with a 20 month old. Someone said 'lucky the flight is short' but I tell you, those two hours felt a lot longer!

Mum & Dad were looking after my Aunt's dogs so it was a little dog crazy at their house, but we hung out, went to Glenelg for lunch with my brother, had a swim at Tanunda on Monday & just caught up. Sorry this post is a little photo heavy. I just had to end with a photo of the roses. Dad's roses a huge this year!