Clothes, pools & me time

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Saturday morning Lulu & I met up with friends at a clothing fundraiser. All monies raised were going to the Alice Springs maternity ward. There were so many things there & it was well organised by clothing categories. My friend picked up a new dress. I came away with a new scarf & a jacket for Lulu - both items will be useless heading into the Alice Springs summer, but it was for a good cause.

Saturday night Nick's mum came over for dinner and we all stayed up far to late & may have had a little too much red wine, but it was a lovely night.

Sunday I had a bit of much needed me time in the morning while Nick & Lulu had some Daddy/Daughter time. I finished another Create with Kikki K Photobook project (the photos from our Europe trip in 2010!) & had breaky at a cafe. In the afternoon we popped by Club Eastside to say good bye to one of the mums from my mothers group. After which Lulu enjoyed some water play time with the pirate ship we hired from the Toy Library while i read a magazine & enjoyed a bubbly water in a fancy glass. She became bored with it pretty quickly (which is why you hire from the toy library, not buy!) and found her bathers, trying to put them on while pointing to our swimming pool and so she & I ended up in the pool. A refreshing way to end the weekend. How was yours?
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