Walks, Cocktails and Presents

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This past weekend was a weekend for family, with dinner at Nick's Aunt's Friday night, dinner Saturday night with close friends and Father's Day on Sunday. We spent all of Sunday just our little family, homemade brunch, followed by a nap for Lulu & Nick. Post nap we all walked into town for ice cream & a mandatory stop at our favourite pub. Hope your weekend was just as delightful.

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1. Lulu in the bathroom sink at Nick's Aunt's. She loved being able to turn the tap on and off by herself, something she can't do to the taps at home.
2. Cocktails Saturday afternoon at the Chifley Alice Springs Resort. My friend needed a hand taking photos of the cocktails their for their social media page. I was more than happy to help. The cocktails there are fantastic.
3. Lulu's Father's Day presents for Nick.
4. A shoot from a frangipani tree our friend's gave us Saturday night. Apparently we can propagate it in water and then plant it?!
5. Nick and Lulu walking home from town. For those who may be wondering, I had the pram hidden out of shot!