Things I love from Tiff Manuell

 photo thing-i-love--Tiff-Manuell_zps6fc94cec.jpg
My friend's very talented sister, Tiff Manuell, has recently started her own line of bags and accessories. Tiff paints and designs each bag in her Adelaide studio. I love her use of colour. Especially since I wear so much black, it's nice to liven it up with a colourful clutch. You can see more of her range here.

1. Ticket to Mexico Small Clutch 2. The Olgas Large Clutch 3. Urchin Baby Slim Line Clutch 4. Energy Burst Tote Bag 5. Indigo Moment Laptop Bag

 photo tiff-bag_zps2879d457.jpg
My two Tiff clutches, one a lovely mother's day present from Nick's Mum & Sister, the other a present to myself.