Out of town - Our day in the West Macs

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My brother & his girlfriend were visiting us from Adelaide last week and on Friday we took the opportunity to get out of town and show them a little taste of the West MacDonnell Ranges.

Our first stop was Ellery Creek Big Hole. Ellery Creek Big Hole is the closest waterhole to Alice Springs that always has water and with it's 'sandy beach' and no crocodiles (they're only in the Top End) it's a great place to go swimming. After waking from her nap at Ellery, Lulu refused to leave my side so I could only dip my toes in while holding her. The water was freezing, but refreshing on a 30 degree day.

We had our picnic lunch of roast chicken and salad rolls at Ellery (the constant effort to keep the flies off our food does not make for good lunchtime photos!) and then continued onto Glen Helen for another swim and an ice-cream. Lulu loved sitting at the bar in the Glen Helen Resort, telling her tales.

The ride home was marred by a huge spew from a tiny gal (a little too much ice cream I think) who then promptly passed out. It really was lovely getting out of town for a little bit. We need to do this more often!