Link Love

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Flowers picked on my run one night - yep not a very fast run if there is time for flower picking!

This week has gone quickly, with my day job full on and I've picked up some consulting work on top of the day job which has meant an extra day of care for Lulu for this week and next. With Nick off work sick one day too, it's all been a little crazy. But we're staring into the beginning of the weekend and that means time to slow down, take a breath & chill out as a family before the next crazy week begins.

Do you like being busy? Or do you prefer a quieter, slower pace? I'll tell you a little secret, I do kind of like the busyness. All our lives are busy to some extent & I think the ones who whinge about it on twitter and facebook are the ones who wouldn't have it any other way.

Catching my eye on the internet this week:
A reminder from Holly Hipwell of Lveland that the food jars you throw out also make great vases
The average calorie intake of the Gilmore Girls 
This fascinating look at the campaign behind Cathy McGowan's fight for the seat of Indi. Counting continues for the seat & her campaign shows that local support goes a long way to unseating the major parties.

As for exercise this week? I made it to my second session of Crossfit on Monday (two weeks in a row, wahoo!), went for a run/walk for 5km on Wednesday and went to Playfit on Friday.