Cleaning up

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With the weather warming up Lulu is spending a little more time nappy free, but with her not yet potty trained (she's interested but hasn't worked out when you need to use the potty) there have been a few accidents that have needed to be cleaned up. Like two before it even hit midday today. I was just wondering what you have found to be the best for cleaning up poo (also spew)? 

I use a combination of hot water in an old ice-cream tub & Method all purpose cleaner. Rinse the tub often & scrub & scrub. But with the spew, the smell seems to last in carpet. The office manager at work said that bi-carb soda is great for getting the smell out & I have tried this but maybe I'm just not doing it right as the spew smell is still there.

My main tip is to not have carpet with small children. Washable rugs all the way. The sooner we get rid of this carpet the better.

Stay tuned for our weekend adventures post tomorrow!