Bikini Time

 photo swimming_zps573d878c.jpg

Lulu's first time at the pool September 2012

Do you wear a bikini? After crossfit on Monday we had this discussion, with two of us saying yes and one saying no. I do, ever since I read that one day you'll look back and realise that you were once skinny and regret not wearing one. At that time I already saw myself as way bigger than I used to be, when I am by no means 'big'. Plus we all have a body. Most (all?!) of us have dimply bits and wobbly bits, no need to be ashamed of it.

Well, after stating loud and proud that I wear a bikini, I put mine on that afternoon to take Lulu to the swimming pool and as soon as had I pulled up the bottoms, Lulu ran into the room and pulled them down at the front and pointed at me. Needless to say I wore a one piece to the pool, lest Lulu fancies taking another look at me out in public!