Art, Voting and Sausages

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1. Desert Mob Market Place - Central Australian art centres selling affordable Aboriginal art to the public. Many, many great pieces & a chance to meet the artists. The first photo shows the crowds waiting to go in. After saying we were only going 'for a look', Lulu & I picked up a few baskets, a necklace and a painting! 
2. Post Desert Mob Lulu & I stopped by the Ross Park Primary School fair. I had forgotten how much kids love balloons! This pic was snapped on our way home.
3. Voting - This house had the largest banner of this ad, it really was quite confronting. Unfortunaltely he did win.
4. We voted - Lulu was not happy just to hold the how to vote cards, desperately wanting a crack at the voting paper. Only 17 years till she can vote.
5. Post voting mandatory sausage sizzle - at most polling places in Australia community groups will have a fund raising sausage sizzle. It's become an essential part of the voting process and potentially devastating if your polling place doesn't have one. So much so that someone has created a website called election day sausage sizzle. You can put in your postcode and find the nearest sausage sizzle to you!

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