Time to plant

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We had never had a huge garden to look after before buying this house and with a 5 month old, jobs like weeding were easily put off until next week or the week after or the week after that until our back garden had become so overgrown, you couldn't see the fence! Slowly we chipped away at the weeds (with the help of my Dad, whenever he was visiting) and we can now safely say we are in maintenance mode for the majority of the garden. There are still a few areas that need work, but the main parts that we see every day are in maintenance mode.

Maintenance mode means that we can plant a few new plants to fill some of the holes. The garden, particularly the front yard, had mostly been introduced plants. We prefer natives, especially since we have turned off the old dripper system and only replaced it in the lawn area. Turning off the drippers ended up saving us over $300 on our March-June water bill! All the plants are looking ok for it and we put the hose on the fruit trees every so often. Our local gardening place said that natives for our area can survive on only 5 waterings a year. These are the plants that we want in our garden. And today Lulu and I planted one said native. I love the orange and green of the plant & apparently in the summer it turns green and has white flowers. It loves full sun, able to withstand the afternoon sun in our backyard and it grows up to 2m high.  I just wish I remembered it's name!

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