A spot of sickness

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messy bedside table
This week has been all about being sick. For the week prior, despite having a sinus infection, I pretended I wasn't sick and then bam, by Tuesday morning I just couldn't pretend any longer. Off to the doctor I went, to get some nice antibiotics to nail this thing. I ended up being home sick Tuesday and Wednesday.

Since Lulu was born, whenever I have been sick, I've been so tired that I've slept all day. But this time I just couldn't sleep. I managed only an hour on Tuesday and no sleep on Wednesday.  While I rested, I ended up watching 2 seasons of Girls. This is how I was able to watch so much tv before having Lulu!

I also did this detox bath while watching an episode. The 20 minutes goes much faster when you have an episode of something to watch, but I think having a blocked nose may have helped me tolerate the strong smell of ginger. Have you tried the detox bath or do you have a similar thing you swear by? I'm feeling much better now & will certainly be doing the detox bath again.