Just a Minute in July

 photo currently_zps013b6eb6.jpg
Currently sitting on the deck at Nick's mum's place using her internet. Our internet has been out since Wednesday & Telstra promises to have it fixed by the 31st July, giving themselves a 5 day window in which to solve the problem.

Searching for Lulu's other brown boot. She's hidden one of the boots pictured above somewhere & it's been over a week with no sign of it yet. Hopefully we'll also find my leave in hair conditioner that she was playing with yesterday. There's been no sign of it since.

Reading Grave Consequences by Dana Cameron. It's about an archaeological professor, Emma Fielding, who also happens to solve murders on the sites that she works out. I didn't think the first Emma Fielding mystery was that well written, but somehow I was sucked in anyway and now I'm onto the second.

Packing for our ski holiday. Less than a week till we leave and we are so excited. Luckily it's going to be warm here for the next few days so I've packed all of Lulu's warm winter clothes already. Now onto mine.

Looking forward to playfit tomorrow. I am still sore from Fridays session so tomorrows session, which has a more crossfit kind of workout, may be a little tough, but I'm up for the challenge.

What are you up to?