On setting goals

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Last weekend Lulu & flew to Adelaide to escape the 'why don't you come camping for Finke' question & to spend a little time with my parents. While I was there I read a blog post by Joy from Oh Joy on being a goal getter. In the post she talks about knowing what your goals are & taking the steps to achieve them. While the goals Joy talks about are career orientated, it did start me thinking of all the half finished projects that we have going on around our home. We tend to start something and then another thing 'more urgent' comes up or we get sick or Lulu gets sick or Nick works a few Saturdays in a row and then we move onto the next project without finishing the first.

Making a list
To start the goal getting, I made a list of all the unfinished projects, from the toilet walls to Lulu's first year photo album and everything in between. In the coming weeks I'm going to slowly start to tick them off, along with doing what I can to help Nick finish the things on his list.

Getting it done
But something has to give in order to make the time to get things done and it looks like blogging is it. I don't know about you, but I tend to jump on here to blog & suddenly two hour naptimes are taken up with posting & reading my favourite blogs, leaving all non internet things unfinished. This has to change if I'm going to achieve any of the things on my list. I will endeavour to check in at least once a week and over the next month I'll be posting ideas for our new bathroom & kitchen, along with photos of our finished projects, and any random bits of life that crop up, so please stay tuned.....