Lulu's Nursery Tour

 photo shelf2_zps9175076e.jpg photo mobile_zpsbf8b079d.jpg photo shelf_zpsea06ad21.jpg photo cot1_zps886f459d.jpg photo room-1_zps216b2662.jpg photo chair_zps380b91a6.jpg
I have to be honest here and state that for the most part, Lulu's room is always a little bit messy. Every time I've thought of photographing it, I've changed my mind because as soon as I put things away, she pulls them back out again. I guess that's what a room filled with her things is supposed to be! For this reason, the tour includes only close up shots, no full room photos.

After setting up this nursery for a newborn Lulu, we bought a new* house when she was four months old. Looking back I cannot believe we moved house when Lulu was only four months old! Crazy. Moving did give me the opportunity to change the nursery into more of a toddler room, introducing space for play. After living in the house for a month we went on a trip to Adelaide and picked up a few things from Ikea to help make the room more of a kid zone.

In the last few weeks Lulu has started disappearing to her room to play. It sure has been fun catching her busy in the tent with her toys.

1. Enjoy sign - gift, Dolls - Ollie's Vintage
2. Bunting - gift, Mobile - made by me
3. Drawing, Dolls and shoes - gifts, carasel money box - vintage
4. Cot - IKEA, Monkey - BlaBla Kids, Sleepsuit - Bonds
5. Side table - vintage, Books - Dymocks and Amazon, Curtains - IKEA
6. Tent - IKEA, Bear - gift, Chair - vintage
7. Chair - IKEA, Cushions - Kmart

*to us. The house was built in 1954 & renovated in 1972.