Getting stuff done

 photo loungeroom_zpsbde0ba4a.jpg

I thought I’d check back in & tell you how I’m going with my ‘getting stuff done’ mantra. The weekend before last my amazing friend took Lulu for most of Sunday and Nick & I set about ‘getting stuff done’:

  • I painted the back of the toilet door – step one to finishing painting the toilet.
  • I cleared out more weeds and dead branches from the back garden
  • Nick finished laying the new sprinkler system in the backyard, an epic job that has stretched over a number of months due to work commitments.
  • I also worked a little more on Lulu’s first year photo album.

It is amazing what you can get done in a few baby-free hours!

The next weekend was not so productive, with Nick working all weekend & me having a girls night on the Saturday (oh my goodness, if you haven’t done this in a while, do it, so nourishing for your soul to catch up with a few girlfriends, baby free!).

During the past week I finally applied for the Childcare Rebate and I made an appointment to get my tax done. Yesterday I worked though the mountain of paperwork for the accountant. I thought this would take forever but it actually only took an hour or so. Then we went to the hardware store to choose new front & back doors that will hopefully let more light in & picked up new blinds for our room & Lulu's room. 

In the afternoon we changed the lounge room around so that Nick's bike tools and bikes were no longer so prominent. I love having a 'proper' lounge room, and even if the bikes are hidden in the back corner until Nick gets his shed, at least I can't seen them while I'm watching tv. 

 How’d your ‘to do list’ going?