Link Love

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We slowed things down a little this week, spending each night in reading books or magazines and watching the occasional TV show once Lulu went to sleep. I feel well rested and less frazzled than l was heading into last weekend. As for exercise this week? I kept things easy with a run on Wednesday afternoon and a run Thursday afternoon.

Speaking of reading, Jen Lancaster has released her summer reading list - I always love any book she recommends. Plus her books are a certain favourite.

I'm loving James tips on doing montessori pre-school at home! The book James recommended a few posts back has now arrived in my hot little hands so I can prepare for starting a few things with Lulu. Though she will be going to pre-school outside the home, the tasks in the book teach practical lessons that everyone should learn.

And do you have trouble finding the perfect card? This week Design Sponge brings you the best of the US Stationary Show. Emily McDowells cards would have to be my favourite, whats yours?