Hurtling through space

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Ever have one of those weeks where you blink & it's gone? Well, that was this past week. We hurtled from one thing to the next and now it's the weekend again & we're just catching our breath. The house is a mess, we're supposed to be camping at a music festival this weekend, there's no food in the fridge, but it is so nice just to sit back & catch up a little on some blog stuff. 

Lulu's currently having an extended nap (the only nap for today - agh!) & here's hoping it lasts a little longer. While I write this I'm listening to the new She & Him album, which was magically available on itunes this morning despite their website saying otherwise. I have to say that the soulful tunes are quite relaxing. I just maybe re-energised enough to start tackling this house. 

And on the blog note, I have a little surprise instore in the coming days.... Enjoy the weekend xx