Essentials for camping with a baby

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The weekend before last we went camping with Lulu and friends of ours who also had small children. We'd never been camping before with Lulu but with a little preparation on Nick's behalf, we managed to be quite well set up. Here is our list of essentials:

- Our friends brought a kids camping chair (1.). Lulu could not fathom how to get out of it and stayed sitting in it for a really long time. Bring one. Kids like having something especially for them that looks exactly like what the adults are using.
- A tent (2. ). No longer can just a swag (3.) do for camping. Kids need to be contained at nighttime. Nick bought one that not only fit a double & single swag but also Lulu's pram!
- A camping light (4.). The number of times we have gone camping without one cannot be counted. A light is a must for late night feedings inside that tent.
- Extra sheets for when the baby vomits in her swag (5.). I did not bring any extra sheets so she ended up sleeping in our swag & then the pram for most of the night.

Do you have anything to add to the list?