Baking with a toddler

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Sunday morning I felt like having a biscuit with my coffee, but we didn't have any biscuits in the house, so I decided to bake some. A while ago I found this very easy recipe, which doesn't include eggs, as we never seem to have any when we need them. I substitute ginger for cinnamon, as Nick likes ginger better (I do love the cinnamon ones, so sometimes I make them with cinnamon).

Normally I'd just mix together the ingredients while Lulu plays at my feet, however this time I involved her in the baking process.

Here's how to involve your toddler:
- Leave the draw with the baking utensils open for her to rummage through.
- Lift her up to see the ingredients melting together on the stove.
- Usea clear glass mixing bowl so she could see the ingredients in there, even from the floor.
- Let her help sift the flour.
- Let her pour the ginger and baking powder into the bowl. She thought this was amazing. She was very proud of herself for being able to do this.
- Get her to help stir the ingredients together. Some were flicked all over the kitchen but the majority stayed in the bowl.
- Let her flatten the biscuits once you've put them on the tray.

Be prepared for your kitchen to get messy but it's worth it to see how proud of herself Lulu was for being able to help. As for insisting on eating them? Well, she went for a nap while the biscuits were cooking & when she woke I showed her them but because I wasn't eating them she really wasn't interested in them at all. Win Win.

Have you baked with your child? I'd love to know your tips and please leave a link to your favourite recipe in the comments.
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