Party Link Love

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This week saw us moved back home, with the new toilet installed. Post renovation photos will be forthcoming once a few finishing off jobs are completed. Lulu's cough is better but not gone and my back is on the mend, I even exercised (brisk walking) a few nights this week.  

And now it's the weekend again. What are your plans? We have a bit of a party weekend, with a dinner Friday, a farewell Saturday night and an engagement party Sunday night.  To celebrate parties this weeks links have a slight party theme:

Great tips on how to run an event - everything from the venue to the vibe to your outfit from Bri of DesignLoveFest

I totally forgot about party favours until we went to the first of the first birthdays. I didn't do them for Lulu's party but I will when she's bigger. The Leggo party favours Ronnie, of Pink Ronnie, put together would be fun to give out.  

A beautiful party set up by Sophia of Mokkasin