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I think Lulu may be dropping her naps. I don't think she's quite sure which nap she needs, but on Sunday she refused her afternoon nap & Monday she tried to refuse her morning nap & didn't end up going down to sleep until after 10am. 

Most days she's up from 6:30am but back down to sleep between 8:30am and 9am. Up again around 10am then back down for a nap between 1-1:30pm, then up again at 3pm. At daycare she's on just one nap from 11:40-1, but at home she'd do a nap in the morning and the afternoon.  

When does your toddler go down for a nap? I really don't want her napping at 11:40am as we often meet friends for lunch, I think 1 is a much better time. Maybe we can start dropping just the morning nap? Agh it's too soon for me though, I love that morning nap time, when I can just get stuff done! Any advice about changing napping schedules will be very welcome.