London Marathon 2013

This post was written and scheduled before the terrible events at the end of the Boston Marathon. Our hearts go out to all those affected.  
 photo noosh_zps0e88232d.jpg
Do you have a list of things that you want to do before you reach a certain age? Well, one of the things on my friend Noosh's list was to run the London Marathon. While she wont quite nip it in under 30, she will run in the upcoming race this Sunday, nipping it in before she hits 31. Pretty close to 30 in my book. 

Noosh has worked really hard over the last few months, not only training for the marathon, but also raising money for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. As a monthly fundraiser Noosh held a brunch where she cooked a two course meal, this one was even held in our front yard while we were away! That girl has boundless energy and I know she is going to do so well on Sunday. 

If you would like to add to her fundraising tally, there is still time to donate to the cause - head to now!