Valentines Day Traditions

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Happy Valentines Day! Valentines day is not really a big deal in Australia and is mainly celebrated once you have a partner, but as a kid I went to school in Texas for 6 months and I was a little surprised to find out how much of a big deal it was even amongst 4th Graders. My class had a party and everyone gave valentines to each classmate. I had thought that you only gave valentines to the boy you liked, not everyone, and as I didn’t like any of the boys in my class I didn’t gave a Valentine to anyone. I remember being a little embarrassed that day that I didn’t know how much of a big deal it was. I received many lovely Valentines (these are smallish cards that you can buy in a pack to give out at school) from my classmates and it really is a nice way for kids to show their appreciation for others.

Do you have any Valentines traditions? This morning on instagram Jools Oliver showed a picture of a decorated Valentines breakfast table she’d set for her kids. I think this is a lovely way for a family to celebrate Valentines Day. Cute heartshape pancakes, decorations and love for each other. Then the parents can have a romantic dinner in the evening. I know the old excuse that you shouldn’t need a ‘Hallmark Holiday’ to buy some flowers for your partner or to have a nice dinner together, but you know what? Sometimes you do need a Hallmark reminder to stop for a second and take some time out to be together.

PS Lulu made me a Valentine at daycare today - too cute. I may have cried a little!
PPS Valentines Day 2011