The longest year of our lives

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Everyone says the baby's first year goes too quickly, but when you think about it, this past year has been the longest year that we have ever lived through. Since Lulu was born one year ago, we have spent more hours of each day awake than we ever have before. 

Pre-baby we would go to bed between 10 & 11pm or after 11 each night & on a week day we'd be up at 7am or as close to work start time as we could get. Then on weekends we'd NEVER be up before 10am. 

Post-baby we try (well I do, Nick for the most part still cannot fathom going to bed before 11) to be in bed by 10pm. This isn't that different to pre-baby, however we're now woken up at 6am at the latest, even on weekends! Some days she'll sleep in a little later, but generally only the days we have to be up before 7 (how do they know?!). 

Then there's the minutes (hours) we're awake BETWEEN 11pm and 6am! Even if you're asleep by 10, chances are you'll be woken up for a feed or a re-assurance cuddle an hour or so after you've fallen asleep. If you aren't woken before midnight then you'll probably be woken around 4am for a small while. If you count all the hours we have spent awake, this year sure has been the longest, but on the other hand, if you consider the number of hours spent in a sleep deprived haze, then I guess it has gone quickly!

We are now falling into a nice routine, back to work and daycare and it feels like things are falling into place. We're not in this state of newborn inertia where each day revolves around feeding and changing a helpless baby & maybe you'll get a shower if you're lucky, instead we are now three fully functioning people with outside lives and family life. It's a great place to be.

PS Stay tuned Wednesday for details of the first birthday/we made it through the first year party!