First Birthday Party!

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For Lulu's birthday we decided to have a bit of a celebration to mark the occasion of making it through the first year. We started the party in the early evening and it went well into the late evening. While they say that 1 year olds birthday parties aren't really about the one year old, Lulu certainly had a great time crawling around with the other babies and chasing the toddlers. I barely saw her all night! She partied until 8pm when my parents nicely offered to put her to bed for us. 

Unlike our

Christmas Party

, this one was much more relaxing. We both had time to catch-up with friends and enjoy ourselves. We did a lot of party prep before hand so the evening ran smoothly. Plus our parents were there to help out too. As for the little details....

The Cake

As all good Aussie mothers who have gone before me, I baked a cake from the

Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book

. As a kid each birthday we could pick a cake that mum would make us from this book. The book has the best cakes and they are pretty easy to make. Mine, however, looked nothing like the picture in the book, but the whole thing was eaten which is what counts. I look forward to Lulu being able to choose her own cake, just like Nick and I did as kids. 

The crafty decorations:

Wall confetti - made from this cool idea of

Beci Orpin's

, as seen on the 

Sunday Collector


Pompom Garland - While we were driving back from holiday I sewed pompoms bought from the newsagency (up close the pompoms are super uggly, you've probably seen them before & passed them by) onto a big line of thick string. We then cut the sting to length on the day to make the pompom garland.

Tissue paper garland - recycled from

the Christmas party

with new colours added. 

The Toys


Alice Springs Toy Library

my friends. I can't say enough good things about the toy library. After paying a yearly membership, you can pick four free toys and keep them for two weeks. On top of that you can hire larger toys (like the slide above) for as little as $6 a fortnight! AMAZING! 

The clothes:

Me - top


, Jeans


, Hair clip

Seed Baby

Nick - shirt

Yoshi Jones

, Jeans


Lulu - top

Rock Your Baby

, pants