12WBT Wrap Up

 photo IMG_4557_zps4db76aa5.jpg
Foot prints from my run on the beach
The 12WBT has come to an end. While I feel much better for doing it, I feel that I could have done better, put in that little bit more.

My Wins
I have found that I loved the exercise portion of the 12WBT. Pushing myself to better my times or do the next level on a workout dvd has been challenging and fantastic. I taught myself to run along the beach, starting with just one interval of running & building up to the whole run (my tracks are on the beach above). I can do 6 more push-ups in a minute than before, I can do 19 extra seconds on a wall sit & I shaved 12 seconds off my 1km run time. But I can do better. I never did 6 days straight of workouts as required, nor did I do at least an hour for each session. 

What I could have done better
I also haven't been able to stick very closely to the food part of the 12wbt. We don't, in general, eat that differently to the meal plan, but it has been Christmas/New Years/Holidays and things have been a little lapse. I've still managed to loose 39.5cm in total, but no kilos. Considering that my goal was to not put on weight over Christmas, then I have achieved that, but I do want to shed a few kilos so I have signed up again for Round 1 of 12WBT 2013. This time I'm going to stick closely to the meal plans as well as doing the exercise, all of the exercise this round. 

And of course I'll continue to update you as I go along.

Ps Finishing my 2nd Round of 12WBT