Tiny teeth


Lulu's 8th tooth has broken through the surface & while it didn't give her as much trouble as the first few teeth, teething still has terrible side effects for her. I know that most of the literature swears that teething does not have side effects, however, anecdotally, teething certainly does & my baby has followed the anecdotes to the t. With Lulu it seems to be that for about a week before a tooth comes her poos get looser & more frequent, she starts chewing on her fingers, she gets a nappy rash & she wakes more frequently in the night. 

The nappy rash has been no where near as bad with the first few teeth as with this latest one and I don't think the extreme heat here has helped much. Her poor little bottom has been so sore she's cried everytime we changed her nappy. 

To help relieve her discomfort we:
- put her in the bath quickly each time she'd done a poo, so as not to wipe her
- lots of nappy free time (which meant most of my day was spent cleaning up wee & poo)
- Sudocrem 
- a bit of canesten before the sudocream

Have you experienced anything like this when your baby was teething? I hadn't ever seen her bottom so red, it really was heartbreaking. That cry every time she was put on the change table....The rash has slowly gotten better on it's own since the tooth broke through. Teeth, nothing but trouble.