Golden Globes 2013 - My favourite Frocks

If you've seen any of my frockin' up posts, you'll know I'm partial to wearing black, so of course, many of my favourite dresses from this years Golden Globes are black. 

I love the simplicity of Stacy Keiber's dress (is she known for anything other than being George Clooney's girlfriend?). The deep v-neck on Kirsten Wigg's dress is fantastic, it's also not a halter if you see pics of the back, which I also like. Halters end up hurting my neck, so I'm generally not a fan. The sparkle on Salma Hayek's dress is great. I do hate the bow, it probably could have done without it. 

Isla Fisher's jewelled gown is stunning, as is Kate Hudson's dress. The belt on it reminds me of 80s big belts. Olivia Munn's  bodice and black skirt combo also rate a mention, I love the colour and how it's just that little bit different. 

What were your favourite frocks from this years Golden Globes? While I haven't included a picture, I did like Amy Poehler's tuxdeo jacket and ankle trousers suit by Stella McCartney. Great to see something a little different on the red carpet.