Flowers, rest and play

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The weekend started off with a bang, having to take Lulu to the hospital after being unable to get a GP appointment in town. She vomited at daycare on Thursday and was sent home. While the vomiting had stopped by Friday morning, her temp was still up and she was a little dehydrated. At the emergency department the doctors did some tests and she was given IV fluids. The poor baby refused to sleep anywhere but on me all day and anytime the slightest noise happened or I reached for something she'd wake up crying. It really was quite worrying. 

Despite my worry, the doctors weren't too worried about her. 'Nothing serious' was a quote from one of the student doctors and early evening we were able to come home so she could get a good night sleep in her own bed. She slept restlessly from 6, then a deep sleep from 9 until I heard her coughing just after 4am. She stayed asleep though the coughing and I dream fed her a bottle which she guzzled down & I knew then that she was on the mend. 

Saturday was spent quietly at home, recuperating from the worry of the previous day and a half. Lulu played a little but mainly slept lots. I drank tea and caught up on blogs. Nick finished building his new mountain bike. A friend cooked dinner for us & dropped it over, which is pretty much the nicest thing that could have happened. 

Sunday I went into work for a few hours to make up for leaving early on Thursday, while Lulu slept at home & Nick watched DVDs, then I stopped by a friend's baby's first birthday party. I can't believe the babies are turning 1 already. Thursday afternoon Lulu curled up next to me with her head in my lap while she slept, just like a big kid. It's too soon.