Exercise Stats - Week 7 12wbt


This past week I fared a little better with exercise. New Years Eve and New Years day were out for me (a little too much champagne may have been had New Years Eve, but that is what the holiday is all about, isn't it?) but I pulled it together and managed to workout a total of 4 days this week. 

Sunday - 12wbt strength and toning video workout, full 50mins

Monday & Tuesday - nothing

Wednesday - Week 3 30 Day Shred DVD

Thursday - First day back at work after two weeks off. I had planned to work out once Nick got home but we had a small accident. Lulu loves standing and walking (while we hold her) & Thursday arvo she was holding onto a chair while standing & she fell & knocked her nose on  the chair on the way down. One nostril bled a lot & after 15 mins (Nick had arrived home in this time) it hadn't stopped so we all jumped in the car and raced to the ER. By the time we got there her little nose had stopped bleeding. We waited a few minutes in the waiting room without presenting at the counter & in that time a friend who is a doctor there spotted us & came over. He said she looked fine, no teeth were broken & that as her nose had stopped bleeding & as there is no history of clotting problems in our families we could go. Poor baby took quite a while to go to sleep that night, but is all better now. Needless to say there was no exercising & pizza was ordered for dinner.

Friday - I went for an early morning run, using interval trainer app. The outdoors smelt so fresh & it was cool (26 degrees). Loved it. Wondered why I hadn't gone running in the early morning in a while, but remembered that we had been staying up too late. 

Saturday - 12wbt Earn Your Burn cardio video - I struggled with this today, don't think I worked out to my full potential, but glad I did it.

How did you go with exercise this week?