2012 the year that was

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Baby Girl - In February we became parents. It's been scary & rewarding & wonderful. She lights up our lives. That giggle, my goodness. I think I would have been a little lost this year on our new journey with our baby girl without the help & support of fellow bloggers & my awesome blog readers. Each time I had a question you guys were there with answers. Thanks so much. 
Family Adventures - We loved travelling with her this year. Seeing eyes light up at new sights & the joy she brings to others, it's wonderful.
Back into Exercise - I have throughly enjoyed getting back into exercise this year. Exercise makes me feel good about myself. I love it.
New House - Not only did we become parents, but we also bought a house together. A grown-up house with a yard and a garden. Gardening has become a new weekend hobby. 
Blogshop - After nine months of baby focus, I was able to have a break for a weekend & attend blogshop. I learnt so much. I missed my husband and baby, they would have loved the adventure. 
Alice Springs - I have thoroughly enjoyed being back in Alice Springs this year. We've made a home here, made new friends, firmed up old friendships. I've found part-time Anthro work, Nick's carved a new work path. The beauty of this place gets me every day. We are so lucky to live here. Alice has been good to us. 

On a slightly different note, but it deserves a mention as 2012 has not been all sunshine & rainbows. Cancer has hit a few friends and family in 2012 and I want to say here's to 2013 being the year of recovery.