Sydney Shopping

Living in a town of 28,000 people, there aren't a lot of opportunities for shopping. While Mixed Lollies and the new Unicorns in Love botiques have increased the selection of great going out clothes, there isn't much in the way of basics shopping. I dedicated my brief shopping time to basics and Christmas shopping and admiring the Christmas decorations.
I found a hole in my black skinny jeans the day before I left, so that added a little chaos to my shopping adventure, but I zeroed in on the Lee store and found a great pair there, really quickly. No hassle no fuss. 

At Topshop I was invited into the personal shopping change rooms!! Though I think the invite was due to the shear amount of clothes I wanted to try on. I bet they were a little disappointed when I only left with four things - a pair of pants, a t-shirt (their t-shirts always fit me really well for some reason, a jumper (essential in 40 degree Alice Springs weather) and 3/4 sleeve top (also handy in 40 degree weather - but who knows when I'll be near a Topshop again). 

Sometimes Sportsgirl hits the mark and other times they just look so terrible you have to leave. This time I was the latter. So garish. Ugh. 

After a lot of searching I found Marimekko(the gps on my phone says they were in King Street Newtown, not King Street CBD). There the small size of nearly everything I liked was sold out, saving me a small fortune. I did but a cute 3/4 sleeve top (wearing it in photos here). Again with the new winter clothes for an Alice Springs summer. Oh well.

King Street Newtown did, however, meet many of my Christmas shopping needs and have a store where I could pick up a pair of saltwater sandals - yay! 

So there you have it, a great day and a bit of shopping in Sydney.