Exercise Stats - Week 6 12WBT

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On the 12wbt all of the exercise programs are at least 50 mins long and over the last few busy weeks I've found myself exercising a little less because of this. Exercise is much easier to fit in around a baby & work & well, life, when you are carving out a 30 min block, rather than 50 min. So after not exercising on boxing day for this very reason, I decided that at this point in my life there is nothing wrong with exercising for only 30mins each day. And I have fit in exercise the last two days in a row. 

Monday - Earn Your Burn Michelle Bridges 50 min work out video - Lulu went back to sleep for two hours after a bottle at 5:15 so I had time to do the full 50min workout.

Tuesday - Christmas Day - Not on your life am I exercising on Christmas Day.

Wednesday - Boxing Day - No exercise on this day either

Thursday - nothing, not sure why, probably because I had no time to fit in the perfect 50 min workout

Friday - Week 3 of the 30 Day Shred - These workouts are only 30mins & I managed to do all of the advanced moves including half of the walking push ups. Had to do the other half at non-advanced level, but yay me for getting to the advanced level. 

Saturday - Lulu woke up 5mins before the end of my workout after only having a 40 min nap. She was super tired so we went for a 2km  walk to get her back to sleep. She, of course, only fell asleep when we were 500m from being back at our house. 

How did you go with exercise this week? Of all the weeks of the year to take a break from exercising, this is probably it.