Brown paper packages tied up with string

Picking gifts and wrapping presents has to be one of my most favourite things.

Do you like wrapping presents?

 Each year I try to do something different for the wrapping, but it generally ends up just variations of brown paper packages tied up with string. 

This year I've made tags using plain tags from the newsagency, then stamping them with a silver snowflake stamp. I chose brown paper and then tied red and white string that I purchased from the hardware store around the gift. And voila! Present wrapped.

 Brown paper packages tied up with string

My parents have been here for the last week and this afternoon we're celebrating Christmas as we won't be together on the real Christmas day.  I figured that when Lulu wakes from her afternoon nap would be the best time to open presents and then we can all have an evening meal together. I cannot wait to see her little face.