Grey's Anatomy - the end of an era

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Grey's Anatomy usually ends with a huge cliffhanger and last season was no different. With a plane crash and a will or wont they survive finale, I eagerly anticipated the next season. 

A few weeks ago I had a night to myself, perfect for Grey's watching as Nick always has unnecessary 'I can't believe this is so terrible' type comments that make it too hard to watch with him. I settled in to watch the first episode of the new season and do you know what? I wished that they had finished up at the end of season 8. The last two episodes of season 8 were so good that they would have been the best ending to the series. Tag on a little happily ever after 'what they're doing now' montage and you'll have a great ending to a good series. 

Instead you have fractured characters and the series heading away from that slightly sad, but ultimately feel good mentality to a 'good god I can't watch this heartbreak' mentality. I can't watch it anymore. Have you been able to keep watching Grey's? I've decided that series 8 was the end of Grey's Anatomy for me and I'm going to pretend that they are all in happy places living their dreams.