Frockin' up - Stripy Dress

Inspired by Lauren from Crumbums, I dug out my black and white stripy dress to wear to work last week. I then wore it again to mother's group the next day, but don't tell anyone I wore it twice..... Do you do this type of thing too? Wear clothes two days in a row? 

Getting two days wear out of clothes does not happen in summer in Alice Springs but winter, oh my, two, sometimes three days. Last week it was cooler & the air conditioning at my work is amazing, so two days wear happened. Now I can't remember if this photo was from the work day or the mother's group day. Oh well. 

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Lulu's teething necklace is lying on the floor right between my legs & the bathroom was in dire need of a clean that day. Note to self - clean up before taking frockin' up photos.