Exercise Stats

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As you've probably guessed, since I haven't posted about exercise for a while, the exercise part of my life has been a little lacking. With being sick, then Nick being sick, then Lulu, there hasn't been much time for exercise. I've managed two or three days a week, and just enough time to do the 30 day shred video, nothing more. I really need to be exercising at least 5 days a week, with active activities on the other two days. 

This week just gone I decided to step it up with the 30 day shred & start again with bigger weights. I was using 1 kg weights (you have to begin somewhere). I've now upped it to 2kg weights. Plus in some of the cardio intervals I've added weights. But even with making the conscious decision to exercise more I still only did 3 days this week & only 2 consecutive days. So I'm making a commitment to post an exercise update each Sunday. Hopefully having to tell you about my success or failure will ensure that I exercise a little more. I get spurred on to exercise more when I see others posts about what they're doing and hopefully I can inspire you to get active. 

I've also committed to do the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. Come November 19th things are going to get serious. Stay tuned.

Photo of the creek above taken the last time I went for a run with Lulu, weeks ago. Living in the desert, pretty much all our creeks are dry.