Exercise Stats - 12WBT Week 1

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Spencer Hill on my run Monday night

Today is the end of week 1 of the 12 Week Body Transformation and I'm glad that today is a rest day. I exercised six days this week and I stuck to the food plan apart from yesterday, which was Nick's Christmas party. I may have gone a little over, but that was what, for me, doing this program was all about, learning more about what I'm eating so my good days count and I can have a day off here and there for Christmasy celebrations, without putting on weight. 

My exercise program for the week looked like this:

Monday - After Nick came home from work I went out and did week 2 of C25K, plus a 20 minute power walk. Plus 25 (each side) step ups and an Abs super set 

Tuesday - Up early to do 12WBT body toning and Ab workout program

Wednesday - Up early again to do week 3 C25K plus 25 (each side) step ups and an Abs super set. 

Thursday - Up early to do week 1 of 30 Day Shred. 

Friday - Up early to do yoga using the Pocket Yoga app as recommended by Bionic Briana

Saturday - Went to bed too late on Friday night and could not get going early, so around 8am I headed out with Lulu for a run, doing week 3 of C25K. Then Lulu & I walked into town, did a few chores while we were there and then walked home. 

If the hot weather that I have been bitching about on twitter continues next week, then I think I'll mix things up with a little aqua aerobics that my friend attended this week.