Bored to Death - the end


Can we talk about my new found habit of watching the end of a series not knowing the show has been cancelled? This happened with The Closer & it just happened again with Bored to Death

I love Bored to Death. Ray cracks me up, I mean, Super Ray. Jonathan drinks white wine and gets into all sorts of trouble & I love how George will come to Jonathan's help no matter what. This season's ending had me thinking wistfully about what adventures they'd all get up to next time, only there won't be a next time... 

Can you guys give me a heads up on any other TV shows that you loved that were cancelled at the end of last season? I am aware that this season is the last of 30 Rock, but is there any other show ending this season? I don't think I can handle another show ending without being able to savour the last episode.