Update on the Baby Fever

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We ended up taking Lulu to the hospital early yesterday evening as her temperature kept spiking each time the panadol wore off & she wasn't drinking anywhere near as much as she normally does. 

The doctor said that she has an ear infection. This possibly wasn't picked up by the GP as the GP only looked in one of her ears, not both due to her wriggling & complaining so much about having her ears looked at. While an ear infection isn't great, it is a little comforting to know that the fever is linked to something, as the last time she had bronchiolitis she didn't have a fever.

The hospital doctor did make us feel a little silly bringing her in, as if he had really sick babies to attend to (the ER was strangely quiet for Alice Springs, though we did get to see the usual police/ambo drop off from the watchhouse combo), but other times I've been there the peds doctor has said to bring her in anytime. I'm sticking with that advice. With small babies, it's bette to be on the safe side.

Now we are back to where we began yesterday, regular panadol, cuddles and lots of sleep. Lulu is a little more interested in play & she took a few bites of baby cereal. Things are beginning to look up.