The Closer & Major Crimes

Did you ever watch the Closer? I am a sucker for crime dramas and I loved Kyra Sedgwick's Brenda. Brenda was tough, single minded and good at her job. The other characters in the series were also well developed, some weren't as likeable as others, bit that's what a good series is all about. 

Season 7 of the Closer saw a lot of struggles for Brenda & the team, with the whole being sued business & the leak, but I never thought that this would be their last season. I watched the last episode on Friday when Lulu was sick & it wasn't until I neared the end that I thought, hang on, this doesn't seem like a normal season finale here, this feels more like the end. When it was over I jumped online & discovered that Season 7 was the last. How sad. I'll miss Brenda's loveable charm. 

The rest of the team can be seen in the spin-off, Major Crimes. I have to admit I liked Major Crimes. I've seen the first few episodes and the show (of course) has the same feel as the closer, with a strong female lead. It's great that the rest of the team is sticking together. I'll be watching for sure. 

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