Swimming, painting & socialising

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This weekend felt like it went forever, in a good way. The kind of weekend where you pack so much in that when you go to be Saturday night you are surprised to find that you've still got a whole other day to go.

Friday we stayed in with homemade pizza and new episodes of The Office.

Saturday Nick mountain biked in the early morning, then I did some exercise, then it was time for Lulu's first swimming lesson. She loved being in the water with both Mummy & Daddy at the class. Unfortunately we lost her bathers on the way from the pool to the car. So many things to keep track of when taking a little kid to the pool. We then did a few chores around town. Saturday night friends came over for dinner and we watched the fireworks from Anzac Oval from our driveway. I love fireworks. 

Sunday I made banana bread and then we painted the bathroom (before and after coming soon) & put up new blinds in the lounge, making the house feel more like ours. Friends came by for a swim in the afternoon & in the evening Nick went to meet friends for dinner at Montes while Lulu & I had an early, quiet night. Lovely. 

1. Warm enough for a ruffle butt sunseeker 2. Banana bread from Everyone Loves Sandwiches recipe, minus the coffee & choc chips 3. Mags and Coffee 4. Another cactus in my garden is flowering.