Rain, roses & stomach bugs

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We got a little better, but not that much better. Lulu is cutting her two top teeth so she refused to sleep without me or Nick right next to her all weekend. We're contemplating moving the cot back into our room so we can all get a good night's sleep. Thus our weekend was fairly quiet.

1. Early morning walk in the drizzle to check out lawn sales - no great bargains
2. Nick's aunt's roses on her table for afternoon tea
3. The small amount of dead stuff we pulled from the garden littering the path
4. Teething on the bouncer, moving to quick to get a clear photo

We rounded the weekend out with a nice dinner at Nick's mum's and now both of us are home on a Monday still sick. My mum is taking care of Lulu while we try to get better. As my friend said on Facebook, what would we do without Mums?